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MAX17823 12-Channel Battery Sensor

The MAX17823 is Maxim's fourth-generation, high-voltage battery-management solution. With higher accuracy, safety-enabling features, and an automotive-hardened SMBus ladder,the MAX17823 has been put through rigorous testing to ensure operation under the most hostile of EMC/EMI environments. The robust SMBus ladder daisy chain supports cable lengths of up to 2m and passes tough industry compliance testing. Cell-reversal capability and 96-cell hot-plug performance make pack assembly easy for high-cell-count systems.A host of ASIL D-enabling features makes safety assessment of pack operation simple and straightforward for any host microcontroller.

Maxim MAX17823 high voltage battery management solution
Above is a 12-cell BMS solution for E-car designed by Avnet design team. The battery sensor is MAX17823, MCU is FSL S9KEAZ128 and MC9S12ZVCA64.




  • Uni-directional differential bus segments
  • MAX17841 SPI to UART Translation IC with FIFO buffer
  • BMS to HV Isolation with low cost 2.7kV transformers
  • Supports Manual Safety Disconnect Switch w/o Digital Isolators
  • Shutdown/wakeup by communication or by direct drive of SHDNL pin
  • Balanced Supply Current per Module
  • Supports 100Hz Measurement rate with full ASIL Diagnostics
  • Hotplug Tolerant –Validated Upto 96-Cells



  • Electric and Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) Battery Packs
  • Electric Bikes
  • High-Power Battery-Backup Systems
  • High-Voltage, Multicell Series-Stacked-Battery Systems
  • Power Tools
  • SuperCap Backup Systems




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