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ON Semiconductor - Motion SPM® SPM45 series Smart Power Modules

SPM 45 series: Targets cost sensitive applications below 20A in ceramic substrate packaging with built-in bootstrap diodes and thermistor for temperature monitoring. Input gate signals are active high.

600V SPM 45 module series provides compact and high-performance inverter solutions for AC motor drives in lower power applications, up to 2 kW. The series targets cost-sensitive applications below 30A in ceramic substrate packaging with built-in bootstrap diodes. System reliability is further enhanced by built-in NTC for temperature monitoring, integrated under-voltage lock-out function and over-current protection input. Three separate open-emitter pins for low-side IGBTs enable three leg current sensing and built-in bootstrap diodes and dedicated Vs pins make PCB layout easy.


  • UL Certified No. E209204 (UL1557)
  • NPT and NS planar and advanced FS3 trench IGBTs with low power loss
  • Enhanced functions with built-in bootstrap diode and NTC thermistor
  • Better reliability with higher noise and surge immunity
  • Better thermal performance down to 1.9°C/W (max)
  • Expanded current rating up to 30A


Product Benefits

  • FNA/FNC has lower conduction loss and is recommended for around 5 kHz switching frequency applications.
  • FNB has lower switching loss and is recommended for around 15 kHz switching applications.
  • FSB44104A with 40V power-trench technology MOSFETs for higher switching frequency and low voltage battery applications



  • Appliance inverters (such as residential A/C)
  • Washing machines
  • Refrigerators
  • Pumps
  • Industrial fans
  • Compact inverters


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