Introducing New Products


Nordic Thingy:52

The Nordic Thingy:52™ is an easy to use development platform for IoT, designed to enable people who want to develop IoT product prototypes and demos without building HW or writing FW.


Microchip PIC® & AVR® MCU


Amphenol FCI


AIRMAX® : 7.2 毫米 导向叶片 - 矮型外螺纹


DA14586 蓝牙5 SoC

SmartBond™ 提供更智能,灵活性更高的方案。DA14586是目前体积最小、功耗最低且集成度最高的蓝牙解决方案之一。


Xilinx cost-optimized portfolio

Expanded Xilinx Spartan®, Artix®, and Zynq® product families


Quad 5V RS-485/RS-422 Transmitters, MAX3044EUE+

The MAX3044 is slew-rate limited transmitter that minimize EMI and reduce reflections caused by improperly terminated cables.


Responsive and Reconfigurable Vision Systems

Xilinx has created the reVISION Zone to aggregate useful resources for software, hardware and system developers.


EXTreme Ten60Power™ High-Current Connector, 4670834

EXTreme Ten60Power Terminal Position Assurance (TPA) Retainer, for Assembly with 12 Signal / 4 Power Circuits

High Current Connector

Panasonic New Product 3 - Grid

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High Power Current Sensing Resistors, ERJB1CFR025U

High solder-joint reliability by wide terminal construction and excellent heat dissipation characteristics by wide terminal construction.


IS25WP/LP Family

IS25WP/LP(1.8/3V): Automotive SPI Flash with DTR

TE Connectivity New Product 5 - Grid

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TE Connectivity

LGA Socket, 2299804-1

NRW Non-Fabric Bolster,P0,W/ Cover


Automotive LED Driver IC, TLD5097EL

The TLD5097EL is a smart LED boost controllers with built in protection and diagnostic features

Texas Instruments New Product - Grid

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Texas Instruments

Wideband PLLatinum RF Synthesizer, LMX2582

The LMX2582 is a low-noise, wideband RF PLL with integrated VCO that supports a frequency range from 20 MHz to 5.5 GHz

Nexperia ultra low capacitance ESD protection diode Grid Box Light

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Ultra low capacitance ESD protection diode

Bidirectional ESD protection of one line housed in an ultra-small, leadless package. TrEOS Protection, safeguarding very sensitive high-speed interfaces.

ESD component


MicroZed Evaluation Kit, AES-Z7MB-7Z010-G

Xilinx SoC CORTEX-A9 85K Logic Cell 484BGA

Panasonic New Product 4 - Grid

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Power Choke Coil for Automotive-LP, ETQP3M100KVP

High heat resistance and high reliability. Using metal composite core (MC).


The new Digi ConnectCore® for i.MX6UL

The Industry’s smallest wireless low-power NXP i.MX6UL System-on-Module platform to build your intelligent and secure connected devices


ISSI eMMC Memory

ISSI eMMC Memory managed NAND Solutions for the Automotive, Industrial, & Medical markets

ISSI eMMC Memory, IS22ES04G


DeepCover Cryptographic Controller

The MAXQ1061 is delivered with a “cryptographic toolbox,” which enables features such as key generation, secure storage, digital signatures, and SSL/TLS/DTLS encryption.

TE Connectivity New Product 4 - Grid

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TE Connectivity

DT Series Connector System, DT15-6P

Housing for male terminals,Wire-to-Board

STMicroelectronics New Product 2 - Grid

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Sensing Solutions

LIS2 Family Series ST's state-of-the-art MEMS accelerometers


Kinetis KW41Z MCUs

Kinetis KW41Z MCUs - a true single-chip wireless solution for the IoT

STMicrolectronics New Product - Grid

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32 BIT Microcontroller, STM32F205RET6

The STM32F205RET6 is a 32-bit ARM-based Microcontroller Unit features an adaptive real-time memory accelerator