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    Embedded power in
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    Infineon's new CoolSET™ integrated power ICs provide high
    efficiency with the latest quasi-resonant switching scheme.

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    Intelligent applications
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    Ultra96 - a 64-bit ARM architecture coupled with Xilinx
    programmable logic (Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+™)

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AVS PF NEX Voltage Translators

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Avnet Silica's NB-IoT Sensor Shield Board

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Nexperia Logic Voltage Translators

The 74AUP1Txx and 74LV1Txxx logic families provide solutions that integrate voltage level translation with a Boolean function. They are operating in a wide Vcc range which allows the interconnection between most logic level signals. Both families are composed of ten logic functions including buffers, inverters and gates.

Key features

  • Up and down translation possible
  • Overvoltage tolerant inputs
  • Up to 50 MHz operation at 3.3 V

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Autonomous driving is just the start of EV solutions

How all programmable technology revolutionizes embedded vision

Embedded vision (EV) replicates the human ability to take in visual information and process it in order to make decisions. Except EV does it with cameras, cables and CPUs, allowing machines like cars to absorb information and make decisions as well.

This deeply complex system with multiple interactions between all of its parts used to be quite a challenge, considering whether a tiny sports car or a large truck, truly autonomous driving needs a network of cameras on all corners of the vehicle. But All-Programmable SOCs have brought more clarity to this complex process. We’re driving toward new innovations in embedded vision – and the future of driving is only the beginning.

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Autonomous vehicles: getting there

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AVS newsfeed - Franchise extension with Microchip

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Franchise extension with Microchip

Avnet now also offers full Microsemi portfolio

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