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AVS PF Infineon Security Optiga TPM

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Infineon OPTIGA™ TPM SLM 9670 - robust security for demanding conditions

The OPTIGA™ TPM SLM 9670 serves as robust foundation to protect the integrity and identity of industrial PCs, servers, industrial controllers or edge gateways. It controls access to sensitive data in key positions in a connected, automated factory as well as at the interface to the cloud. OPTIGA™ TPM is a ready-to-use security building block offering an operating lifetime of 20 years and industrial-grade quality.

Key Benefits

  • Standardized and certified
  • Extended temperature range of -40° to 105° Celsius
  • Meets stringent requirements of industry in terms of robustness and quality - qualified according to the industrial JEDEC JESD47 standard

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Microsoft Azure Sphere - Go for Maximum IoT Security

Securely connecting an IoT MCU design to the Cloud?
Azure Sphere enables just that! It is not only a simple microcontroller, but a complete highly-secured solution based on a unique microcontroller that includes a secure operating system combined with Cloud services. This three-part solution is defining a new industrial security standard for IoT devices.
Streamline the development and maintenance of your products. Azure Sphere is designed for efficiency and comes with a set of Visual Studio tools that will completely change how you create and manage MCU powered experiences. Azure Sphere is designed to connect quickly and easily to Azure, but our open approach means that you're able to use Azure Sphere alongside the public or private cloud of your choice. 
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Azure Sphere can be used in a solution to check the temperature of e-car charging cables. With Azure Sphere you can easily send the temperature data to the cloud and control dependent on the data the settings for the charging station

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