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Unlocking the future of security

Smart locks are replacing conventional locks everywhere, popping up in smart homes, offices, hotels and even cars. They can be conveniently used with smart devices, tapping into the availability of wireless connectivity and the Internet Infrastructure. However, security and battery life pose challenges to the adoption of smart locks.

Avnet has addressed these challenges with its Smart Lock solution. This smart lock adopts a cloud approach to security for superior access control, service availability, privacy and business protection. Applications and their confidential and cryptographic data are hosted on a secure element. The smart lock device can be registered to a smart lock service while the system can be protected from hackers. The design can also be used to interface with BLE, touch panel, fingerprint, a temporary password created by smartphone, audio prompt or remotely via a cloud server


  • Audio Chipset from Nuvoton, supports 20 voice commands which store external SPI FLASH MX25L32. Current consumption in standby mode is 3uA.
  • BLE, NFC and Motor Driver from ST Micro
  • LDO from TI
  • Max Current is 1.3A. Current is 80nA in standby mode
  • Current is 22uA in sleep mode.
  • TOUCH Panel (Bottom) -- Atmel / Microchip

Target Applications

  • Smart homes
  • Smart locking of offices
  • Hotel room access

Block diagram

Unlocking the future of security



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