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Taking advertising to the future

Advertisers are increasingly adopting digital signages to promote their products or services. Not only do these signages allow advertisements to be replaced easily, but they can also deliver messages dynamically via animation, video, sound or a combination of all. However, all current digital signages have one shortcoming – they are static and not able to measure audience response.

To address this deficiency, Avnet has partnered with King City to develop the Smart Digital Signage Solution. This intelligent solution is able to measure the number of audience passing by and stopping at the digital signage machine. Such vital information can be sent to the cloud, providing the key insights advertisers need to fine-tune their promotion strategy. 


  • Measuring the number of audience passing the digital signage machine.
  • Measuring the number of audience staying in front of the signage and staying time.
  • Accurate measuring sensor enabled by 24GHz Radar
  • Data consolidation and send to the cloud by NB-IoT technology.
  • Data analytics services to generate the advertising effect insight. 


  • Radar module (CE2411V5, KingCity)
  • NB-IOT module (BC95-G, Quectel) 

Target applications 

  • Digital signage
  • Customer engagement system
  • People control system 


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