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Unlocking the future of smart home

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More and more homes are getting connected as smart homes. And the smart lock is the very first device that controls access to the smart home. 

Avnet’s Smart Lock Solution is a powerful solution that boasts a complete set of features. Working with Cloud (RASPBERRY PI 3) and the Android app, it can store a “shadow state” containing access rights, logs and alarms which can be configured while logs and alerts can be viewed. Users can even install and register their locks as well as synchronize updates and policies. As this smart lock works on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), it can be unlocked via the Android apps. It can also be unlocked using password via a touch panel, fingerprints, NFC ST25R3911B or using a temporary password created by a smart phone. 

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Unlocking the future of the smart home

  • Audio Prompt -- Nuvoton N570F064,support 20 voice commands which store external SPI FLASH MX25L32. Current consumption in standby mode is 3uA.
  • NFC --- STM ST25R3911B
  • LDO ---TI TPS76733.
  • SE(Secure Element) ---STM STSAFE-A100
    The STSAFE-A100 is a highly secure solution that acts as a secure element Providing authentication and data management services to a local or remote host. The SE make the smart lock solution with strong authentication.
  • Motor Driver – STM STSPIN240
    Max Current is 1.3A. Current is 80nA in Standby mode.
  • Main MCU --- STM32L476 Current is 22uA in sleep mode.
  • TOUCH Panel (Button)—Microchip PIC161F1559


Target applications

  • Smart lock


Block diagram

Unlocking the future of the smart home


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