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Shining the spotlight on commercial lighting

Commercial lighting makers are constantly looking for a low cost, simple solution for their lighting applications.  To cater to this demand, Avnet has brought out a low BOM cost solution for dimmable commercial T8, external and fixture driver lighting applications.
The design includes a 0-10V dimmable single-stage (Flyback), high-performance LED driver utilizing the iW3636 primary-side controller and the iW339 secondary-side dimming interface IC. It also comes with High PF and Low THD. And output current is a constant 1,000mA over a voltage range of 20V to 40V. Working from a universal input range of 90V (AC) to 305V (AC), this design offers high efficiency and constant regulation across the output range.



  • Universal AC input (90VAC - 305VAC) up to 90W
  • PF> 0.9 and THD < 15% across wide output power range
  • Supports fully isolated 0-10V dimming with iW339 interface controller
  • Low standby power
  • Wide dimming range 1%-100%
  • Configurable minimum dimming setting: Dim-to-off, 1%, 5% or 10%
  • Built-in over-temperature protection or by external NTC
  • Configurable dimming curve: linear or logarithmic


  • 3-in-1 dimming interface (0-10V analog, PWM, resistive)
  • Integrated current source and optocoupler

Key Part Number

  • iW3636
  • iW339

Target Applications

  • Commercial Lighting

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