Optimized IIoT system solutions

As IIoT devices become more common, it is increasingly important for IIoT system suppliers to ensure that their software and hardware are able to evolve to meet the demands of the industry. Xilinx has risen to this challenge, with the widest breadth of capabilities for IIoT platforms and offering maximum flexibility for the future. Xilinx provides a full IIoT solution stack to cover field requirements and push edge compute acceleration. This flexible and scalable standards-based solution combines software programmability and hardware optimization, enabling the highest return on investment for customers while lowering the total cost of ownership over the life cycle of industrial systems.

Part of Xilinx’s solution is a Cybersecurity Concept Design. This joint solution incorporates secure hardware and software technologies that can be embedded into IoT and IIoT devices, including the Avnet UltraZed-EG SOM, Infineon OPTIGA TPM 2.0 PMOD and Mocana IoT Security Platform. With this and other features, Xilinx’s IIOT solutions provide real-time and distributed control at the edge, sensor fusion for predictive analytics, and any-to-any connectivity with single chip security and functional safety, making Xilinx Programmable SoCs the ideal platform optimized for Industrial IoT systems.

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Cybersecurity Concept Design System Features

  • Incorporates Avnet UltraZed board SOM w/UltraScale+ FPGA
  • Incorporates Avnet UltraZed-EG PCle Carrier Card
  • Incorporates Avnet Infineon TPM v2.0 Peripheral Module

Xilinx IIOT Solution Features

  • IoT and IIoT devices
  • On-chip redundancy for functional safety
  • Cybersecurity concept design
  • Analytics and machine learning
  • Any-to-any connectivity
  • Embedded vision
  • Various OS/RTOS support on Xilinx SOC device




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