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Managing waste more effectively

With the growing mountain of waste generated by the modern household, managing it can prove to be a monumental problem. A lack of government policies and residence rules can also make it tough for property management companies to manage the waste effectively, resulting in hygiene problems.

Avnet offers a simple and effective way to manage waste with Smart Bin. All that’s required to use this solution is to install the sensor (Lidar) on the rubbish bin.  The status of bin usage can then be sent to the Cloud platform via the NB-IoT network, alerting the cleaning crew to clear the waste. Over the long run, proper data intelligence like this can result in the optimum use of resources for waste clearance.

Target applications

  • Smart Bin
  • Property Management


  • Property management
  • Intelligent rubbish bin detects the emptiness of a rubbish bin and alerts management office if it is nearly full.
  • Using LIDAR for high accuracy management
  • Long battery life
  • Using multiple wireless connectivity like WiFi, NB-IoT
  • With Apps support for cleaning crew team alert and information access
  • Provide Specific Alerts in floor plan/map for collection route planning.



  • Lidar module
  • NB-IOT module


Smart Waste Management


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