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Enhancing the quality of air indoors

There is increasing health awareness nowadays. In particular, people are more conscious of the air quality indoors as they spend most of their day inside buildings. As a result, there is a growing requirement for monitoring homes, offices and personal environments for healthy conditions and comfort. 

The Avnet gas sensor module for TVOC and indoor air quality is designed to address this pressing need. This module uses the ZMOD4410 IDT Sensor to detect and measure the concentration of total organic compounds (TVOC), the chief culprits for causing poor indoor air quality. A software algorithm can then estimate the level of carbon dioxide indoors (eCO2) with high accuracy at a low cost. With its efficiency in measuring TVOC and air quality, the Avnet gas sensor module is ideal for applications based on ambient indoor air quality.

Target applications

  • Indoor air monitoring
  • Monitor home, office and personal environment for healthy conditions and comfort
  • Automation based on indoor ambient air quality


  • Measurement of total volatile organic compounds (TVOC) mg/m^3
  • Estimated Carbon Dioxide Correlation (eCO2): 400-5000ppm (+-25%)

Key Components

  • ZMOD4410 -- IDT Sensor
  • R5F1036AASP – Renesas MCU
  • PCA9617ADPJ – NXP ^2C Bus Repeater



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