Collaborative IoT and machine learning development

IoT devices and devices capable of machine learning (ML) are becoming increasingly part of daily life. As these devices find their way into smart homes, they require increasing expertise to create and develop. ROS is an open source robot development platform, allowing collaboration to take place in the development of robotics software. The TurtleBot3, which is integrated with ROS, has its core technology in SLAM, Navigation and Manipulation, making it suitable for application in home service robots.

The ROS on Ultra96 with integration with the TurtleBot3 has several features that make it suitable for application in an IoT device. Apart from being equipped with a Xilinx MPSOC board Ultra96 (Cortex A53, R5), it also has 360° Lidar for SLAM and navigation, making it suitable for home services robots as algorithms can be built to map out small areas. It is also equipped with two Dynamixel DC motors for superior mobility and a robust Li-Po battery

Car driving at night with LED headlights


  • Open Source Robot Development Platform
  • Integration with Official ROS Robot TurtleBot3
  • FPGA Acceleration Capable
  • ROS Style Abstraction Layer Code for HW Accelerator
  • SLAM (simultaneous localization & mapping) and Navigation on ARM64
  • WiFi for internet connection


  • Autonomous security robot
  • Home services robot (robotic vacuum)
  • ROS development kit


Collaborative IoT and ML Development

Collaborative IoT and ML Development


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