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Accelerating the development of motor control

Xilinx has launched a series of Industrial IoT solutions and motor control is one of the applications. One such application is the Electronic Drive Development Platform (EDDP) Motor Control Kit with Motor & Power Supplies. The platform itself hosts all the hardware and software components you need for the development and evaluation of 3-phase motor control applications.

The main hardware components comprise the TEC0053 from Trenz Electronic GmbH as the motor driver board, the Arty Z7-10 from Digilent Inc. as the reference controller board and a BLDC motor from Anaheim Automation as the reference motor. The main software components are the Field Control Algorithm implemented with Vivado SDSoC and the Web UI. Available motor control modes consist of speed control and stator current control with the Xilinx FPGA offering speed and flexibility

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High Performance Embedded Motor Control Developm

The Xilinx’s SDSoC Design Environment enables the acceleration of software defined functions in Xilinx Programmable Logic with the touch of a button. This offers a performance advantage of up to 100 times as compared with standard processors. With this hands-on station, groundbreaking Eclipse-based system optimization can also be obtained with a high-performance motor control example.

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Other than motor control, Xilinx’s comprehensive solutions towards Industrial IoT include:….

  •   An all Programmable Industrial Control System featuring an Xilinx® Edge-to-Cloud Solution Stack that cuts BOM cost by 40 per cent compared with a multi-chip design.
  • A proven SIL 3 Architecture with On-Chip Redundancy that reduces system costs by 40 percent or more while saving up to two years in designing a safety architecture, documenting, and certifying against IEC 61508, SIL 3 and HFT=1.
  • Python-Based Edge Analytics providing a disruptive improvement in time-to-market for embedded applications. 


  • Development and evaluation of 3-phase motor control applications
  • Speed and flexibility provided by a Xilinx FPGA
  • Internet-enabled by Linux operating system running on an ARM processor
  • Implementation of a Field Control Algorithm with Vivado SDSoC
  • Available motor control modes consist of speed control and stator current control
  • Web UI and Network API for control of the motor over the Internet
  • Power option up to 48V and 30A main supply current

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Accelerating the development of motor control applications



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