A lighting solution for smart homes

Breaking the boundaries of traditional design, Avnet’s Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Light Bulb solution charts new territories with the benefits of smart lighting. It includes all components required for you to implement smart lighting in your home— hardware, software and even a standard mobile application. 

The features of the BLE Light Bulb include hardware components like mass production-ready color light bulb solutions that supports color temperature control, R/G/B/W coloring, a wide input voltage range of AC100V-240V and ultra low power BLE module. 

The software solution comes complementary to standard iOS systems with alarm and timer alerts. The three systems offered are Osram Pf/S5 LED series, DC/DC in neon BCR421 and the BLE module system with Dialog DA14580. 


Features Systems
  • Mass production-ready light bulb solutions that support R/G/B/W coloring light bulb or color temperature control
  • LEDs: Osram P5/S5 series
  • Standard iOS App available
  • DC/DC: Infineon BCR421
  • Wide input voltage range: AC100V - 240V
  • BLE: Dialog DA14580 (BLE module)
  • Color light bulb: R:G:B:W=1:1:1: 5 • CCT light bulb: CW:WW=4:4
  • Ultra low power BLE module
  • Alarm / timer alert


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