Powering up for the demands of tomorrow

The increasing use of mobile devices has resulted in a requirement for power that can be delivered quickly.  This requirement has in turn led to a rising demand for a power solution that can deliver in terms of efficiency and cost.

To cater to this demand, Avnet has partnered with NXP to offer the 100W PD Power Solution.  The biggest advantage of this solution is its high efficiency, low standby power and low cost. Using four NXP IC, one MPS IC and one TI IC, it is particularly suited for the AC input 100W Universal Power Reference Design, USB PD and QC Power. There is a wide input voltage range with maximum output power at 100W. While efficiency at full load can go above 90%, standby power stays below 100mW.



  • Wide input voltage range (85V ~ 265Vrms)
  • Max Output Power 100W
  • Output Port A:5V/2.4A
  • Output Port C: PD3.0 Full, QC4.0 Full
  • Synchronous Rectification on 2nd side
  • Efficiency @ full load is above 90%. (Compliance to Energy Star Level 6)
  • Standby power is below 100mW regardless of input voltage

Powering up for the demands of tomorrow

Main BOM

  • PFC Controller (NCP1622)
  • Flyback Controller (TEA19363)
  • Synchronous Rectification (TEA1993)
  • PD & QC Protocol (TEA19051)
  • DC To DC (MPS2918)
  • BC1.2 (TPS2514)


Target applications

  • PD & QC power charger
  • 100W industry power


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