Empowering the USB type-C generation

The arrival of USB Type-C and its associated ecosystem has introduced dramatic advantages never before seen in USB interface technologies. Besides the capacity to transmit higher data rates, the new iteration allows for greater power delivery, a welcomed benefit as USB has now become the most common method for charging power-hungry electronic devices. Just as impressively, USB Type-C streamlines connectivity, making it finally possible for a single cable to support data, power, as well as major video standards and the much anticipated digital audio. 

As the world’s leading technology distributor, Avnet is working continuously to help the world embrace this new innovation. Our Rohm Power Bank, for instance, delivers a prodigious 60W, enabling fast charging of tablet devices any time anywhere, while our USB Audio 3.0 solutions facilitate the migration from 3.5mm analog audio formats to higher performance digital audio. Most notably, Avnet’s TI docking station 2.0 is a compact desktop solution that connects any USB Type-C interfaced device to those with existing interfaces, making it a powerful bridge between existing and new technology. 

USB cord
Features Systems Target Applications
  • 3 Port USB 3.1 Gen 1 hub (2 Type-C ports & Standard-A port)
  • TI TPS65982 (TI)
  • Notebook computers
  • 2 USB 2.0 Standard-A port
  • TUSB8041 (TI)
  • Tablets and ultrabooks
  • Supports PD 2.0 (UFP) supporting 5/12/20V
  • STDP4320 (Megachips)
  • Charger adapters
  • Supports Alt Mode and 2 HDMI port output
  • HD3SS2522 (TI)
  • Docking system
  • Supports BC 1.2 - 1 Gigabit ethernet port - 1 Port audio input & 1 port audio output
  • TPS53318 (Cypress)
  • DisplayPort, Thunderbolt and HDMI


  • NUC123 & NAU88L25 (Nuvoton)


Block diagram

block diagram USB Type-C