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Major level security for microcontrollers

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9 billion new microcontroller devices come onto the market every year, with less than 1% being connected today. While these devices offer a huge market opportunity, cyber attacks on them are also increasing.

Avnet has teamed up with Microsoft to introduce Azure Sphere, a groundbreaking new solution for highly secured, Internet-connected microcontroller (MCU) powered devices. This turnkey, end-to-end security solution is the first to possess all 7 properties of a highly secured connected device. These include hardware root of trust, defence in depth, small trusted computing base, dynamic compartments, certificate-based authentication, failure reporting and renewable security. Azure Sphere protects, detects and responds to threats dynamically for greater peace of mind. Lower overheads and higher efficiency in turn enable faster development of devices and time to market, allowing new market opportunities to be seized quickly.

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  • Unique asymmetric key pair per chip
  • RSA/ECC and DES/AES internal coprocessor
  • User NVM memory
  • CC EAL5+, 6+ certification
  • Secure updates
  • Secure boot
  • Small package size


Target applications

  • Home appliances
  • White/Black appliances
  • Machine monitoring


Block diagram

Microsoft Azure Sphere

Microsoft Azure Sphere

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