Switch on to the HomeKit revolution

Apple’s HomeKit Accessory Protocol makes it easy for homeowners to control their home automation devices using just an iOS device. This has fueled its increasing popularity in homes that are wired for the future. 

To help manufacturers ride on HomeKit’s popularity, Avnet has developed the VPlug reference solution. With a full turnkey design targeting smart plug applications, minimal development efforts is required to launch HomeKit-enabled devices like temperature sensors, humidity sensors and switches. Besides gaining a greater understanding of the energy consumption of each connected appliance, users can turn on or turn off each appliance using their iOS device


HomeKit Accessory Protocol Specification R9 is compliant with the following Apple-defined services:

  • Switch
  • Humidity Sensor
  • Temperature Sensor

* Allows user to control (turn on/off) the connected appliance with their iOS device and read the energy usage.


Key Components

  • Raytac MDBT 42Q-P MODULE (nRF52832 based)
  • Apple Authentication Coprocessor 2.0C


Target Applications

  • Smart Home
  • BLE Mesh Friend Node or Relay Node (Planning)


Block diagram

Switch on to the HomeKit revolution


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