Smarter Wristband Solutions are Now at Hand

While the popularity of wristband solutions originally centered around fitness tracking, their appeal has broadened dramatically in recent years, with users turning to wearables for communicating, locating, time-keeping, and even assisting in many aspects of daily life. 

As the technology enabler who has earned the trust of the world’s top innovators, Avnet is helping to open the doors to new creations in this popular field. Drawing on our deep experience in the design and implementation process, we understand that engineers looking for the next breakthrough product seek electronics that put a world of possibilities within their reach. With that, Avnet introduced the SZGDS Dialog Smart Wristband Solution. 

Handy in size yet brimming with useful features that cover vast areas of applications, the solution designed with low power demand is the ideal platform to build sought after wearables that propel their organizations into the marketplace.


  • Pedometer
  • Incoming calls / missed calls
  • RTC (date and time)
  • SMS
  • Alarm
  • ANCS (for iOS)
  • Rechargeable
  • Find me
  • Vibration
  • HRM (during static)
  • Software upgrade OTA
  • Lower power: as low as 30uA (G sensor ODR:50Hz, BLE interval time: 0.7s)


Key Components

  • DA14681-01000A92 (Dialog)
  • KXG07-3001 (Rohm)
  • PCF85063TP/1 (NXP)
  • SI1143 (Silicon Lab)


Target Applications

  • Wearable
  • Smart Home
  • Virtual Reality



Smarter Wristband Solutions are Now at Hand

DA1468x, the world’s first single-chip solution in volume production that provides connectivity for rechargeable devices, including smart home and other emerging Internet of Things (IoT) devices. DA1468x delivers the highest performance, lowest power consumption, smallest footprint and lowest system cost.

Some success wearable products with DA1468X on market,

  • Xiaomi Mi band2(DA14680 inside)


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