Going the distance with smart wristbands

With the miniaturization of semiconductors and sensor technologies, a host of consumer applications are being created. These innovative products are becoming an integral part of people’s lives and manufacturers are scrambling to be amongst the first to bring them to market. 

To minimize the time needed to create new wearable products, Avnet solution team has built a platform based on the Nordic nRF51 BLE Wristband Reference solution.  We have also incorporated a host of functions like power management, battery charging, haptic rotor and robust connectivity to the host smartphone’s apps. And with the high performance, lowest power consumption, smallest footprint and lowest system cost it offers, introducing numerous wearable applications is a breeze.


  • Step counting and Activity tracking (AAR)
  • Display clock and step count/ activity tracking on the device
  • Sync and show activity statistic on Android APPs
  • Over-the-Air Firmware Upgrade
  • Storage for 5 months record
  • Crisp OLED display
  • Display battery level status
  • Battery lifetime: > 1 week


Key Components

  • nRF51822 - BLE SoC
  • ICM30630 – 6-axis Motion Tracking Sensor with Integrated Sensor Hub
  • MAX14676/MAX14674A – PMIC
  • M95M02 - 2 Mb SPI EEPROM
  • DS1342T - RTC
  • AHB36132U1 - 70 mAh 4.2V Li Poly Battery


Target Applications

  • Wristband
  • Smart Watch
  • Smart Jewelry



Going the distance with smart wristbands


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