Product & Solution Design Overview

Design: The art and science of turning an idea into reality

You have a clear vision in your mind’s eye that you’re ready to make into a product or solution. The effort it would take to try and do everything yourself isn’t realistic. This is especially true when your plan requires a new technology or technique that you’ve never encountered. This is where Avnet will come along side you and fill in any gaps you encounter.

To guide you through the design process, Avnet provides:

  • Local and online engineering resources to collaborate with on any topic.
  • A suite of design tools and testing services to fully validate your system.
  • Cloud and cellular plans to integrate your device or application with the Internet of Things (IoT).


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Engineering support

The Avnet engineers you’ll work with bring practical experience and certifications on the technologies they support. Most of our team started in the same place you’re at, developing products and solutions either at major OEMs or small startups. They bring real solutions to whatever circumstances they encounter. If they don’t have the answer, they’re backed up by our central applications specialists and factory technical resources who created the technologies you’re considering.

We look at your entire system just like you do. Our engineers work as a team to make sure everything we recommend works together to deliver the performance you want. You’ll see this in action during face-to-face design reviews and the documentation we generate from our design support system.

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Design tools and testing services

Once you’re done creating the blueprint for your design, our fully integrated development platforms and kits have the functionality you’ll need to see it perform. You’ll appreciate the breadth of processing architectures we support and the flexibility we deliver with add-on modules covering the rest of your requirements. With Avnet’s development tools, you’ll be writing code and finalizing your design in no time.

After you’ve got your prototype built, we’ll perform environmental and durability testing to ensure it will perform once you build and deliver it to the market. We’ll also help customize software or other functions within your design to ensure peak performance.

If you’re developing a lighting application or integrating the latest LED technology into your application, our lighting labs have the equipment you need to get the precision you want.

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