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Avnet Integrated offers customers a complete range of embedded solutions from semi-finished board products to full design projects including software and systems. With its comprehensive line card, specialised product labs and system integration services, Avnet Integrated provides the right combination of products, expertise and service to help customers reduce time to market and boost their competitive advantage. The group also provides customers with finished or customised products and training, system integration and Original Design Manufacturer services through its European technical centers and partners. Avnet Integrated is a business unit of Avnet, with European headquarter in Belgium and Germany.

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April 24, 2017
Technical article
In the early 1900s Henry Ford made the automobile affordable and accessible. But what he really did was offer people connection. Rural residents could connect with more urban areas to sell crops and buy supplies.
Microsoft and GE Partnership to Make Industrial IoT More Accessible to Businesses
April 4, 2017
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General Electric (GE) and Microsoft Corporation recently announced the beginning of a new alliance. The technology collaboration will make available GE’s Predix platform for Industrial Internet on the Microsoft Azure cloud for industrial businesses
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