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FX29 force compression load cell


As devices and equipment in the medical and industrial market are designed smaller and smarter they will require smaller sensors to provide reliable and accurate measurements. The FX29 has been designed to meet this demand in force sensing applications.

TE Connectivity's (TE) FX29 is a compact compression load cell that offers exceptional price-to-performance in a robust sensor package. Optimized for embedded force sensing applications from disposable medical devices to industrial robots and exercise equipment. The FX29 allows for design flexibility with mV, amplified and digital output options.

Constructed of stainless steel materials, the FX29 incorporates proven Microfused sensing technology with low compliance, high sensitivity and minimum one million cycles. The FX29 provides exceptional value with reliable and accurate performance from a brand you can trust.


Multiple Outputs in Compact Design.

Available in mV, amplified and digital outputs allowing design flexibility and simplicity. Simplified design provides a small footprint (Ø19.70 x 4.95mm) that is suited for applications with tight space constraints.

Exceptional Value.

The sensor incorporates the high reliability Microfused technology and is offered in ranges from 10lbf to 100lbf at an exceptional price-to-performance.

Robust Construction.

Innovative sensor package design offers a two piece construction of stainless steel materials. The combination of a metal injection molded flexure and micro miniaturized MEMs strain gages allows flexibility of force range options for a lower cost sensor.

TE Connectivity FX29 Force Compression Load Cell

Target applications

Applications from disposable medical devices to industrial robots and exercise equipment, for customers designing products that require a miniature compression load cell for embedded sensing.


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TE Connectivity

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