Embedded PE Accelerometers 805 │ 832M1 | 820M1

Down-time for automated machines like warehouse rollers, conveyor belts, sorting tables, or machine tools can be extremely costly to OEMs. Predictive maintenance  is crucial to reduce down-time. 

The board mount PE (Piezo-electric) accelerometers from TE Connectivity (TE) are engineered for condition monitoring on smaller machines. Designed with a wide bandwidth signal, these TE sensors are ideal for high to low speed rotating parts. They have outstanding dynamic range to capture even minor vibration movements on rotating machinery. 

The board mount PE accelerometers can be installed for single or triaxial measurement in one package. They are available in different housings to accommodate virtually any OEM assembly and application space.

Target applications

Industrial Machine Monitoring

  • Industrial: Machine condition monitoring / Preventive maintenance / Data loggers
  • Industrial Commercial Transportation (ICT): Bearing and Shaft monitoring

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  • Wide bandwidth:
    With it's wide frequency response (up to 10khz), TE’s embedded PE accelerometers offer high performance health monitoring solutions for virtually any speed equipment. 
  • Long term stability:
    TE’s PE shear mode crystal designs ensure long-term stability and no output drifts over full operating conditions, producing a proven and reliable sensor even when exposed to extreme temperatures (-40 to +125°C) for extended time. 
  • Dynamic range:
    The board mount PE technology offers significantly better signal resolution than VC MEMS technologies which allows for earlier detection on even small changes - leading to better predictive maintenance.
  • Assembly:
    The vibration board mount PE sensors from TE are available in different packaging types including SMT and TO-5 can configurations. For automated assembly production, our vibration sensors with SMT housing offer one of the best price/performance ratios. For applications where space is restricted, TE offers vibration sensors in single axis and triaxial solutions. 
TE Connectivity Embedded PE Accelerometers 805 │ 832M1 | 820M1