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Trusted Objects - TO136 secure

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We secure IoT devices and networks by offering a seamless chain of firmware, software , tools and services.

Expertise in cyber security technologies for IoT applications , including secure firmware, applets, connectivity stacks, life cycle, personalisation & provisioning solutions .

Portfolio of software IP’s for IoT security & connectivity, successfully deployed in the field.


  • TOSF - Secure element
  • TO Protect - Secure software (secure library)
  • TOPS - Secure programming, secure provisioning , product personalisation

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Target applications

  • Consumer
  • Smart-city
  • Smart-building
  • Security
  • Home-automation
  • Smart-metering
  • Smart-industry


  • Strong authentication between devices and cloud servers(end-to-end security).
  • Privacy - Secure communication.
  • Encryption & decryption of the payload.
  • Secure connectivity stacks: LPWAN (LoRaWAN), TLS/DTLS (BLE,WiFi…).
  • Secure data storage (keys, certificates, frame counter, customer data).
  • Software IP protection …


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