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NXP Semiconductors has a long track record and extensive portfolio of security ICs. NXP security ICs have been used in many high security applications including bank cards, health insurance cards, and electronic passports. They are also being used as embedded secure elements in mobile phones. The A1006 secure authentication IC extends this portfolio for applications requiring tamper-resistant, secure, one-way authentication.

The A1006 secure authentication IC incorporates an extensive set of security measures from NXP Semiconductor's portfolio of such measures. The countermeasures against invasive and non-invasive attacks provide a high level of attack resilience. The A1006 countermeasures, including glue logic, active and passive shielding, memory scrambling and encryption, and other security features provide a unique level of security for this class of authentication devices. The A1006 includes dedicated HW to protect against reverse engineering attacks, fault attacks and leakage attacks.

The A1006 incorporates many security countermeasures, including:

  • Mathematically proven design that offers protection against logical and messaging attacks
  • Use of active and passive shielding to protect against probe attacks
  • EEPROM data encryption and address scrambling with random data placement
  • Simple Power Analysis (SPA)/ Differential Power Analysis (DPA) protected calculation of ECC point multiplication
  • Proprietary glue logic to thwart circuit analysis
  • Enhanced security sensors
  • Low and high supply voltage sensors

Target applications

  • Embedded security
  • Anti-cloning
  • Brand integrity of original goods
  • Accessories like speakers
  • Docking stations
  • e-cigarettes
  • Printer cartridges

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