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Microsoft - Azure Sphere

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Azure Sphere builds on decades of Microsoft experience in hardware, software, and cloud to provide a turnkey solution for IoT devices. Get defense in depth to embrace IoT innovation with confidence. It protects every device with seven properties of highly secured, internet-connected devices. Ensure device integrity and prevent malicious actors from taking control of your devices or compromising your data with defense in depth. Keep devices secured as new threats emerge and restore the health of compromised devices with automated OS and security updates. Azure Sphere devices only run signed, authentic software, mitigating the risk of threats like malware and application tampering.


  • Defense in depth
  • Deployment flexibility
  • Over-the-air (OTA) updates
  • Error reporting and automatic security updates
  • Azure Sphere–certified chips
  • Azure Sphere OS
  • Azure Sphere Security Service

Target applications

  • IoT edge devices
  • Consumer appliances
  • Smart retail
  • Remote access
  • Building automation
  • Factory automation

Microsoft  Azure Sphere


Key components

  • Azure Sphere–certified chips
  • Azure Sphere OS
  • Azure Sphere Security Service


  • Low operating costs.
  • Quick response times.
  • Real-time data analysis.
  • Less network traffic.
  • Continuous operations with intermittent connectivity.
  • Remote asset management.
Microsoft  Azure Sphere


Microsoft  Azure Sphere

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