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Microchip - USB7002 SmartHub IC

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The Microchip USB7002 SmartHub is low-power, OEM configurable, USB 3.1 Gen 1 hub controller with 4 downstream ports and advanced features for embedded USB applications. The USB7002 is fully compliant with the Universal Serial Bus Revision 3.1 Specification and USB 2.0 Link Power Management Addendum. The USB7002 supports 5 Gbps Super-Speed (SS), 480 Mbps Hi-Speed (HS), 12 Mbps Full-Speed (FS), and 1.5 Mbps Low-Speed (LS) USB downstream devices on all enabled downstream ports.

A SmartHub is defined as a USB hub that integrates system levels functions typically associated with a separate MCU or processor.  The USB7002 SmartHub enables communication to other peripherals in addition to USB. This I/O Bridging capability allows the host to seamlessly interface to peripherals via I2C, SPI or GPIOs over USB.  The USB7002 also enable a downstream device to take control of the host system by swapping roles and becoming the host port. The USB7002 can also switch between two different hosts if required. This role changing technology is called FlexConnect and can be initiated through hardware or software commands.

Target applications

  • Automotive

Microchip USB7002 SmartHub IC

Key features

  • Integrated Hub Feature Controller (HFC) enabling I/O Bridging and FlexConnect
    • I/O Bridging: Host communication to external peripherals USB to I2C/SPI/GPIO bridge endpoint support
    • FlexConnect: Host port Swapping and Switching to downstream Devices Reversible upstream and downstream Port 1 roles on command
  • Battery Charging - USB-IF rev1.2 support on downstream ports (DCP, CDP, SDP) including legacy Apple® iOS, Blackberry®, China Charging and many others
  • Compatible with MSFT Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, Apple OS X 10.4+, and Linux hub drivers
  • Available in 100-pin (12mm x 12mm) VQFN RoHS compliant package
  • Industrial grade temperature support (−40°C to +85°C)
  • Automotive qualified (AEC-Q100) and PPAP support

Block diagram

Microchip USB7002 SmartHub IC



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