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AC-DC Power Factor Corrected LED Driver

The NCL30186 is an AC-DC power factor corrected flyback controller targeting isolated and non−isolated “Smart−dimmable” constant current LED drivers. The controller operates in a quasi−resonant mode to provide optimal efficiency. The current control algorithm supports flyback, buck−boost, and SEPIC topologies.

Key benefits

  • Quasi−resonant Peak Current−mode Control Operation
  • Valley Lockout Optimizes Efficiency over the Line/Load Range
  • Constant Current Control with Primary Side Feedback
  • Tight LED Constant Current Regulation of ±2% Typical
  • Power Factor Correction
  • Analog or PWM dimming
  • Line Feedforward for Enhanced Regulation Accuracy
  • Low Start−up Current (10 μA typ.)
  • Wide Vcc Range
  • 300 mA / 500 mA Totem Pole Driver with 12 V Gate Clamp

Target applications

  • Integral LED Bulbs
  • LED Light Engines
  • LED Driver Power Supplies
  • Smart LED Lighting Applications


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