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NXP - MWCT101x

The WCT101x is a wireless power transmitter controller that integrates all required functions for WPC “Qi” compliant wireless power transmitter design. It is an intelligent device that works with the NXP touch sensing technology or uses periodically analog PING to detect a mobile device for charging while gaining super low standby power. Once the mobile device is detected, the WCT101x controls the power transfer by adjusting the rail voltage, the phase difference, or the duty cycle of the power stage according to message packets sent by the mobile device.

Key features

  • Fixed frequency, cost optimized consumer design
  • Greater than 70% transfer efficiency
  • ntegrated digital demodulation on chip
  • Q-Factor and robust power loss Foreign Object Detection (FOD)
  • Supports I2C, UART, SPI and CAN interfaces
  • Software based solution to provide maximum design freedom

Target applications

  • Consumer Electronics Industrial/Consumer Extended Power Profile Power Transmitter
    (WPC compliant or customer properties)


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