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On Semiconductor - CMOS Image sensor

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Onsemi is a global supplier of CMOS imaging solutions. Its expanding product portfolio is applied to all leading mobile phones and notebook brands. Onsemi also provides a wide range of products for digital cameras and cameras, monitoring, medical, automotive and industrial applications, video conferencing, barcode scanners, toys and games. Onsemi is committed to providing a variety of applications to provide video support (Imaging Everywhere), continue to promote market innovation, such as the introduction of a fool for hybrid camera (MT9F001) of the first 14MP CMOS image sensor, as well as the industry's first inch format 5MP SOC (MT9P111). 

In the network HD surveillance camera program, Onsemi's AR0130 and AR0230 CMOS image sensors are adopted by many camera manufacturers in the industry, and are widely used in 1 million 300 thousand and 2 million webcam. 

Target applications

Automotive Industrial Consumer
  • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)
  • Automotive viewing
  • Emerging automotive applications
  • Machine Vision
  • Intelligent transportation systems
  • Medical
  • Scientific
  • High-end surveillance
  • Mobile
  • Sports cam
  • PC / Gaming
  • Security / Surveillance
  • Other Consumer prodctus



ON Semiconductor CMOS Image sensor


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