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Today’s advanced driver assistant systems (ADAS) and, perhaps in the future, autonomous cars require precise information about the driver’s focal point and what’s happening inside the vehicle. This is where 3D camera-based, in-cabin sensing applications come in. They recognize driver behavior and deliver this information to the ADAS system so it can react accordingly.

Time-of-Flight (ToF) camera technology based on Infineon’s 3D image sensor REAL3™ is sunlight robust, highly scalable, and ready for integration. The benefits of the ToF principle paired with the key features of the REAL3™ image sensor enables most accurate and reliable depth sensing in in-cable sensing applications.

  • Direct measurement of depth and amplitude in every pixel
    • Highest accuracy
    • Lean computational load
  • Active modulated infra-red light and patented Suppression of Background Illumination (SBI) circuitry in every pixel
    • Full operation in any light condition: darkness and bright sunlight
  • Monocular system architecture having no mechanical baseline
    • Smallest size and high design flexibility
    • No limitation in close range operation
    • No special requirements on mechanical stability
    • No mechanical alignment and angle correction
    • No recalibration or risk of de-calibration due to drops, vibrations or thermal bending
  • Easy and very fast once-in-a-lifetime calibration
    • Cost efficient manufacturing

Key Features

Highest level of integration Best performance Smart features
  • Optimized micro-lens technology for highest photo sensitivity and lowest power consumption
  • Patented Suppression of Background Illumination (SBI)
  • Fast global shutter data readout for lowest latency (typ. 1–4 ms)
  • Frame rates up to 100 fps
  • Modulation frequency up to 100 MHz
  • Flexible configuration during operation via I2C interface of
  • Frame rate
  • Exposure time
  • Modulation frequency
  • Configurable region of interest
  • Integrated A/D converters for full digital readout
  • Integrated CSI-2 interface
  • Integrated controller and logic for
  • Illumination control
  • Pixel matrix modulation
  • Autonomous imaging phase sequences


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  • Highly robust 3D data based on the Time-of-Flight principle with an outstanding depth performance and lowest power consumption
  • Reliable in all ambient light conditions – in sunlight, darkness and changing light levels
  • Smallest footprint thanks to single-chip design and monocular 3D camera architecture ◦no baseline between active parts
    • no risk of misalignment, for example through temperature fluctuations or vibrations
    • minimum calibration work
  • Reduced computing time, regardless of the color, pattern and structure of objects


Block diagram

Infineon REAL3™ 3D image sensor family


In-cabin sensing applications based on Infineon REAL3™ 3D image sensor family


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