High performance PFC + resonant controller for LCC and LLC

Infineon's OPTIGA™ TPM component

With ICL5102 Infineon offers a highly integrated combo controller IC with a universal input of 70V to 325V, which allows manufactures to realize global designs, keeping cost for product variety and stock low. Highest efficiency of up to 94 percent by resonant topology, a THD factor less than 3.5 percent and a high power factor of more than 0.95 allow for more lumen output and less thermal load, enabling cost effective designs and keeping cost for LEDs and heat sink low. Thanks to the high integration, there is no need for additional expensive components in PFC and LLC stage, reducing the overall BOM cost. In addition integrated protection features complement the ICL5102 features.


  • Universal input 70–325V
  • Highest efficiency up to 94% by resonant topology
  • THD <3.5%, PF >0.95
  • Burst mode, low standby
  • Low BOM cost
  • Combo controller IC
  • 500V MOSFETs at LLC stage
  • Low cost resistors to set working points

Target applications

  • LED lighting
  • Professional lighting
  • Street lighting/Smart street lamp


  • Enables global designs
  • Can be used from 40-250W
  • Best-in-class PFC and THD at full and light load
  • High efficiency: more lumen output and less thermal load
  • No components required to match the PFC and LLC stage
  • Protection and auto restart

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