TO 136 is a secure element embedding and tamper-resistant companion chip that handles the security functions and security protocols in the IoT device platform.

TO-Protect are lightweight secure software libraries targeted for IoT devices, running on generic MCU (ARM Cortex, RISC V…) and enabling security functions, secure storage and secure connectivity.

TOPS secure programming protects developer code from security issues into the supply chain regardless from the programming location in the world.

SBA: Secured by Avnet is a program developed in partnership with Trusted Objects to enable seamless integration of security all along the IoT Chain of Trust.



Avnet TO 136 is best in class secure element for IoT applications and can be ported on any secure element.
TOProtect supports different security functions such as authentication, data transfer integrity and data transfer confidentiality, secure storage, Intellectual Property protection, secure boot and secure firmware update.
TOPS secure programming has several unique advantages in terms of security, flexibility and scalability:

  • Security level defined by developer
  • Highly secure process for developer code injection wherever the production facilities in the world
  • Compatibility with multiple MCUs
  • Compatibility with multiple programming machines
  • Server mode enabling remote and several machines
  • Easy to install and easy to operate with simple and user friendly interface
  • Cost effective solution with limited Capex and flexible licensing models
  • SBA is to develop unified security services, as a one stop shop for developers, ensuring integration of security from the edge devices to the Cloud
  • SBA is hardware, cloud and application agnostic

Target applications

  • Critical asset tracking
  • Smart building
  • Home appliances
  • Artificial Intelligence Sensors
  • Smart Utilities
  • Oil & Gas
  • Smart lightning



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