As a preferred Xilinx certified server OEM partner, Avnet offers hardware platforms consisting Xilinx-qualified servers and Xilinx Alveo accelerator card. Our capabilities to address both hardware integration and software configuration, together with our ISV ecosystem partners, create a unique platform that provides comprehensive market-oriented solutions for data center applications. Whether you are working on video processing, fintech, machine learning or life science applications, you can be sure to find the best-in-class solution at Avnet that caters to your needs.

Machine Learning

Zebra by Mipsology is the ideal Deep Learning compute engine for neural network inference. Zebra seamlessly replaces or complements CPUs/GPUs leveraging Xilinx Alveo accelerator card and allow any neural network to compute faster, with lower power consumption, at lower cost. Zebra deploys swiftly, seamlessly and painlessly without knowledge of underlying hardware technology, use of specific compilation tools or to changes to the neural network, the training, the framework and the application.

Graphic of a blue zebra

Video and Image Processing

Video streaming will account for the most internet traffic in the future. Supporting the streaming of social media, gaming, marketing, and broadcasting is putting significant stress on data center infrastructure. NGCodec and VYUsync use Xilinx Alveo accelerator card to build a solution that would supply the necessary performance without requiring customers to significantly alter their existing infrastructure.  Based on Alveo card, we can deliver a real-time H.264 to HEVC or VP9 ABR transcoder with good Quality of Service.

Infographic of FFMPEG transcoding application

Life Sciences

Next generation sequencing (NGS) technology has drastically reduced the costs of Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS). This is of great value to the industry of precision medicine all the way from the researchers to the genetic counselors as it makes it cost efficient to study the entire genome to provide a more complete view of structural variants. In return, these larger data sets create a computational challenge. Providing variant reports based on the raw reads files requires leveraging complex algorithms that can take days if not months to process. Falcon Computing’s solution leverages Xilinx Alveo accelerator card to provide a fast, automated and cost-effective framework to accelerate genomics pipelines for secondary sequencing analysis.

Infographic of next generation sequencing

Financial Computing

Maxeler Technologies reduces portfolio risk compute times from hours to minutes with its Real Time Risk products using Xilinx Alveo accelerator card. Real Time Risk (RTR) is a rich suite of finance risk tools and components, including portfolio risk, VaR, Event Risk, CVA, SIMM and a proprietary derivatives pricing library, driven by Bloomberg market data and the customer trades in FPML format.

Xilinx Real Time Risk Demo screenshot


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