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Production and Logistics Overview

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Unmatched, value-add production and logistics solutions

Value-add production solutions

Best-in-class logistics solutions

Global strength provides local business benefits

With the pace of change in the technology industry continuing to accelerate, now more than ever your company needs a valued trusted partner with unified, sustainable and transportable solutions. We can partner with your organization on a wide range of custom solutions to meet your evolving needs.

Proven production solutions

Our production solutions include: System integration, device programming and cables and connectors. These services and solutions help accelerate time to market by enabling our customers to cost-effectively design and build technology products customized to their exact requirements.

From simple to complex configurations, our engineers can handle any scope of integration requirements requested. In addition, our programming and engineering services can be seamlessly transferred to facilities around the world within hours. Wherever you have programming needs, we can offer service. From lack of capacity and in-house technical staff to the hassle of dealing with technical certifications, we tackled a wide range of business challenges for our cables and connectors customers. Learn more. 

Extensive logistics solutions

Avnet’s logistics solutions can assist you around the world. Our expertise includes distribution and warehouse, global trade compliance and transportation. Our global facilities infrastructure spans more than 3.6 million square feet across more than 40 facilities. Our teams work together to process more than 36,000 orders each day for customers and ensure the efficient and compliant delivery to their end destination in any region of the world. Learn more. 

We constantly look for opportunities to fully leverage Avnet’s global scale and scope for our customers. With our operations connected by global teams, standardized processes and integrated tools, we can more effectively and efficiently address your local needs wherever you do business today or plan to grow tomorrow.

Our extensive portfolio of production solutions provides you with a single source for value-add solutions. We offer a wide array of proven offerings, including:

Integration Solutions
Programming Solutions
Cable and Connector Solutions

Accelerate time to market

From device programming in seven global centers to integrating data center racks and servers in every region, we can help your organization shorten time to market and create a competitive advantage for your products.

Design anywhere, build anywhere

Our unique production floor methodologies enable “design anywhere, build anywhere” capabilities, from prototype to full production. By supporting technology from its beginnings as conceptual designs onto implementation and ultimately disposal through environmentally-conscious recycling, we are the only distributor that can manage your total product lifecycle.


With our flexible infrastructure and ready-availability of industry experts, we will take a solutions-focused approach to helping optimize your organization’s complex supply chain. We strive to continuously improve our productivity and service levels by offering programming and engineering services that can be seamlessly transferred to facilities around the world within hours to better meet your needs.

Optimize technology investment

By leveraging our investments in world-class supply chain management, design and production tools and resources, your organization can reduce its internal fixed costs and assets, and shift them to variable costs and services that can scale as needed.

Advanced Integration Solutions

World-class, value-add integration

For a trusted partner in the delivery of turnkey integration solutions, Avnet is a company you can count on. Proven to minimize risks, cycle times and required capital while ensuring the highest quality, ISO certified standards, our service offerings include:

  • Engineering Design services
  • Standard and unique hardware assembly and configuration
  • Converged rack solutions
  • Hyper-converged optimized integrated solutions
  • Software configuration
  • Reverse logistics and Repair depot lab support
  • Data center

Complete, cross-platform end solutions

Our system design experts integrate technologies from leading manufacturers to create complete, cross-platform end solutions. Our custom-designed embedded and converged/hyper-converged solutions can address specific business needs for any market your organization may operate—from medical, industrial and automotive to retail, consumer electronics and to large data centers.

Increase end-user satisfaction

Our state-of-the-art Global Integration Centers provide the most advanced integration and logistics capabilities available. With eleven facilities worldwide we can support your current and future business requirements. By leveraging advanced design, integration, and delivery capabilities, you can add value to your solutions, accelerate time to market, reduce costs and risks, and increase end-user satisfaction.

Programming Solutions

Trusted technical partner

With our secure infrastructure, global systems, software and processes, we are proud to serve as a trusted technical partner fully able to maintain the integrity of your intellectual property. Our programming services include:

  • IC Programming
  • Security key generation
  • Engineering services
  • Failure analysis
  • Device marking
  • Tape and reel
  • Lead scanning

300 million devices and counting

From advanced security and encryption devices to chip scale packaging and other ultra-small devices, new technologies are entering the global programmable device market every day—and there’s no signs of slowing down. We are committed to keeping the pace by evolving right alongside our customers. As the leading global programmer of electronic devices, we program an average of 300 million devices per year and can scale on demand to meet changing market needs.

Any programmable device, anywhere

If a component is capable of being programmed, we can offer the programming service. Our full suite of device programming offerings is backed by our engineers’ ISO certified technical abilities, quality commitment and extensive programming capacity.

Cable and Connector Solutions

Servicing worldwide markets

With our state-of-the-art WMS system and customized quality management system, we can meet your end-to-end supply chain requirements wherever you do business in the world.  Our cable and connector services include:

  • Connector assemblies
  • Thermal management
  • Cable assemblies

From lack of capacity and in-house technical staff to the hassle of dealing with technical certifications, we’ve solved a wide range of business challenges for our cable and connectors customers over the past 50 years. At every turn we make customer satisfaction a top priority by offering these competitive differentiators:

  • Production handled in a region with access to flexible, skilled workforce
  • Active cost reduction program
  • Same-day shipping and on-site export processing
  • Turkey operations with seamless coordination of cross-vendor technical capabilities
  • Quality management certification
  • On-site supplier management team

If your company is seeking to shift in-house integration spending from business-as-usual to enable new capabilities and greater flexibility, you can count on Avnet to deliver higher levels of efficiency. Our value-add assembly operation processes include custom connectors, cables, fans and other electro-mechanical assemblies for the electronics industry.

As an authorized distributor, we maintain and process our suppliers’ products in secure environments to reduce the risk of inventory loss, provide complete traceability and support counterfeit prevention. With our commitment to relentless execution and quality service, we can expertly handle and protect the integrity of a diverse range of electronic devices. Our on-time delivery and order accuracy rates are best in class, exceeding 99 percent.

Our logistics solutions include:

Distribution Solutions
Global Trade Compliance
Transportation Solutions

99 percent on-time, accurate orders

Every day, Avnet strives to provide our customers with “perfect orders” arriving on time, with the right quantity and right quality to their end destinations. Our global operations enable those perfect orders—in excess of 36,000 each day—through differentiated distribution and value-added services, supported by transportation, supply chain management and global trade compliance solutions.

Diverse inventories, minimized risks

By expertly handling and protecting the integrity of a diverse range of electronic devices—from semiconductors to servers and everything in between—we help to provide the perfect order for our customers or manage the inventory for use as needed within their production cycles.

Consistent operational performance

Our commitment to continuous improvement and quality is evident across our worldwide facilities. By leveraging lean strategies, innovative warehouse management technologies and new methods of production, we can better manage our customers changing requirements. And by strictly adhering to ISO standards, we can drive consistent operational performance that our customers and suppliers have come to expect from Avnet.

Customized Distribution Solutions

Whatever our customers require, from documentation and quality certifications to materials handling, our distribution teams can seamlessly support. Our facilities are a mix of large, highly automated distribution and high-volume production facilities along with smaller local and regional facilities that offer a comprehensive range of services, including:

  • Customized labeling
  • Date Code/Lot Code capture and receiving
  • Enhanced inspection process on-demand
  • Freight consolidation programs
  • Third-party value-add processing
  • Same-day service

State-of-the-art distribution network

Servicing the global and local needs of more than 800 technology suppliers and 100,000 customers worldwide, Avnet’s distribution centers and network of 3PL partners manage more than 36,000 orders a day. By utilizing a robust warehouse management system (WMS) and standardized, lean processes, we can rapidly adapt and scale our local and regional facilities to meet changing requirements in every industry and geography.

Reduce Risk with Global Trade Compliance

  • Import customs clearance and Importer self-assessment program approved
  • C-TPAT certification
  • Global licensing support
  • U.S. Department of State Registered
  • Foreign Trade Zone
  • Automated export filing
  • Compliant strategies for business transactions
  • Regulatory expertise in all countries

Ensure Compliance

As global trade becomes more complex, our customers and suppliers rely on Avnet to ensure compliance with changing laws and regulations in countries around the world. By committing to proactive compliance procedures, staying aware of evolving sanctions and continuously communicating across our network, we can serve as a trusted partner to our customers and suppliers.

Every Step, Every Region

Avnet’s Global Trade Compliance Program helps provide early detection and resolution of compliance issues so that our customers can avoid risks, delays and unnecessary costs. Every step of the way we make every effort to ensure our customers and suppliers’ products get to their end destination in compliance with government and customs agencies around the globe.

Gain Peace of Mind

Our commitment to trade compliance, quality systems, enterprise security and corporate social responsibility provides our customers and suppliers with peace of mind as they conduct business in both established and emerging markets around the globe. With our global trade compliance expertise we can help develop strategies for trade compliant transactions and improving supply chain efficiencies.

Advanced Global Transportation Solutions

Whether products need to be transported across town or around the world, our customers and suppliers count on Avnet to deliver quality transportation services and execution. What’s more we seek every opportunity to minimize any risk of loss or damaged freight by selecting the optimal transportation mode for the shipment, including:

  • Parcel shipping from overnight express to ground
  • Air freight for small packages or for heavy weight, any sized container loads
  • Ocean freight for any sized container load
  • Shipment consolidation such as same day, same customer and multiple order shipping
  • Full truck load (pallets) to less-than-full truck loads
  • White glove delivery for high value products that require specialized transportation and handling

Optimized product shipment options

Avnet offers our customers and suppliers a range of cost-effective global transportation services to drive the efficient delivery of products at the right time, the right quantity and the right locations.

Customer focused: every shipment, every day

By leveraging advanced analytics, global teamwork and the buying power of our vast transportation activity, our experts evaluate all transportation modes, freight characteristics and delivery requirements prior to recommending a custom shipment option. By listening to the voice of our customers and understanding all of their requirements, we recommend a transportation solution projected to optimize costs, resources, transit times and service quality.

Inbound Routing Guides:

Local, regional and global sustainable solutions

As many of Avnet’s customers become more international in their outlook and scope, we provide production and logistics solutions, and value-add services for customers around the world.

Our production and logistics facilities are a mix of large, highly automated distribution and high-volume production facilities along with smaller local and regional facilities, allowing the company to adapt rapidly as market needs evolve. We operate:

14 distribution centers
13 integration centers
8 programming centers

Located in three regions, Americas, EMEA and Asia Pacific, with approximately 3.6 million square feet of capacity across the globe, Avnet can support customers’ design, programming, supply chain, integration, distribution and trade compliance needs everywhere you do business.

Our distribution centers and network of 3PL partners provide distribution services for more than 800 technology suppliers and more than 100,000 customers, and looks after their global and local needs across the world. This global footprint allows Avnet to adapt rapidly and scale to meet changing customer needs.


Our company distribution, value add and lifecycle solutions centers are located close to where you do business. In addition, we partner with a vast network of third-party logistics partners in the Americas and abroad.

Cables and
Chandler, Arizona
San Jose, California
Toronto, Canada
Atlanta, Georgia
Acton, Massachusetts
Guadalajara, Mexico
Nogales, Mexico
Hollis, New Hampshire
Columbus, Ohio


In addition to our company distribution, value add and lifecycle solutions centers in EMEA, we partner with a vast network of third-party logistics partners in key countries including Switzerland, Poland, Romania and Czech Republic to name several.

Cables and
Tongeren, Belgium
Freiburg, Belgium
Poing, Germany
Stutensee, Germany
Tiel, Netherlands
Newcastle, UK
UK, multiple locations

​Asia Pacific

Avnet facilities are a mix of large, highly automated distribution and high-volume production facilities along with smaller local and regional facilities, allowing the company to adapt rapidly as market needs evolve. Our network throughout Asia allows us to accelerate your success. 

Cables and
Sydney, Australia
Hong Kong, China
Tianjin, China
Jakarta, Indonesia
Tokyo, Japan
Taipei, Taiwan


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