State-of-the-art answers to today’s embedded security challenges with OPTIGA™ Trust
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Cloud services and AI are driving a wave of innovative applications. The number of devices connected to these applications is growing, presenting great opportunities – but also increased security risks.

Responding to attackers increasingly focusing on embedded systems, Infineon offers the OPTIGA™ Trust M solution, a high-end security controller optimized for connected devices. It provides extremely flexible, high-performance, secured access to any major cloud provider for industrial and building automation, smart home and consumer applications.

Register online for a chance to win a Shield2Go board equipped with one OPTIGA™ Trust M security chip and a ready-to-use Arduino library.
Product and solution highlights
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Total timing solutions

DIODES’ Crystal, Crystal Oscillators (XO) and Clock IC deliver accurate, low jitter complete timing solutions. They are optimized for performance, cost, and ease of design (component matching) enabling DIODES to be a Complete Timing Solutions Partner.

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Process-based embedded controllers
The RE Family based on Renesas' innovative SOTB™ process technology realizes ultra-low current consumption in both active and standby mode. The energy harvesting controller and 32-bit CPU also enable the development of intelligent and battery maintenance-free IoT devices.
Front and back side of STPSC8H065 diode and ST Logo
Silicon carbide power Schottky diode
The STPSC8H065 is an 8 A, 650 V SiC diode is an ultrahigh performance power Schottky diode. Its high forward surge capability ensures a good robustness during transient phases. This ST SiC diode is especially suited for use in PFC applications. It will boost performance in hard switching conditions.
Featured products
Go for maximum IoT security
Azure Sphere is not just a simple microcontroller. It’s a comprehensive IoT security solution for building highly secure devices composed of three components: a unique microcontroller, a lightweight OS with defense-in-depth capabilities, and a cloud security service. Learn how to get started with Azure Sphere with our on-demand webinar.
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Image of pump - an application the ON Semi SPM®31 Mini DIP Family is suited for.
Fully-integrated inverted power module
The SPM®31 series consists of an independent high side gate driver, LVIC, six IGBT’s and a temperature sensor, suitable for driving permanent magnet synchronous (PMSM) motors, brushless DC(BLDC) motors and AC asynchronous motors. The power stage has under-voltage lockout protection.

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The cost of IoT sensors continues to fall, allowing more organizations to roll out remote IoT and M2M over Wireless deployments that often require hardware to tough it out in harsh conditions with minimal maintenance. Antennas are particularly vulnerable and bad buying decisions can make them the weakest link.
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