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Nordic Semiconductor Makes the Latest LTE Technology Accessible for Developers with nRF9160
Dear Customer,
Nordic Semiconductor's nRF9160 is the most advanced cellular IoT (cIoT) device in the market. As a highly integrated System-in-Package (SiP), it supports LTE-M and NB-IoT protocols and on-chip GPS for accurate positioning globally.
It has the latest Arm® Cortex®-M33 processor and TrustZone security technology. The nRF9160 sets a new benchmark for cIoT in a single device, it should be your first consideration when designing cellular IoT products.
Download the nRF9160 product brief.

Or get started on your cIoT project now - check out the nRF9160 Development Kit!
Kind regards,
Your Avnet Silica Team
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nRF9160 dev kit
Nordic Semiconductor nRF9160 Development Kit and System-in-Package
Product and solution highlights
Diodes Inc. Logo
Total Timing Solutions
From a full range of crystals dedicated to your design needs, to ultra-low jitter oscillators for high performance system, and high performance clock generates, Diodes offers everything you need for your high performance and cost-efficient timing architecture.
Didodes Total Timing Solutions
Micron logo
Xccela? Flash Memory
Microns's Xccela? flash memory sets a new record for NOR flash speeds to meet the demand for instant-on performance and fast system responsiveness in automotive and industrial. Xccela delivers five times performance while reducing energy consumption threefold.
Micron Xccela Flash Memory
STMicroelectronics Logo
Galvanic isolated smart power solid state-relay
The ISO8200BQ is a galvanic isolated octal high-side driver featuring a very low supply current which is used in applications including programmable logic control, industrial PC peripgeral input / output, or numerical code machines.

STMicroelectronics ISO8200BQ
Featured products
Maxim MAX77860
USB type-c switch-mode buck charger
The MAX77860 switched-mode battery charger with two integrated switches, provides small inductor and capacitor sizes, programmable battery charging current, and is ideally suited for portable devices such as smartphones, IoT devices, and other Li-ion battery powered electronics.
Maxim Integrated Logo
Nexperia LFPAK for Automotive
Bipolar transistors for Automotive
The high-power bipolar transistors, housed in LFPAK56 (Power-SO8) packages, deliver DPAK-like thermal and electrical performance in just half the footprint. Offering reliable, energy-efficient performance, they are AEC-Q101 qualified and support high-temperature operation (175 °C).
Nexperia  Logo
ON Semi Wide Band Gap SiC
Low-side SiC MOSFET Driver
The NCP51705 driver is designed to primarily drive SiC MOSFET transistors. To achieve the lowest conduction losses, the driver is capable to deliver the maximum allowable gate voltage to the SiC MOSFET device. By providing high peak current during turn?on and turn?off, switching losses are also minimized.
ON Semiconductor Logo
Renesas Synergy - LoRa
Renesas Synergy? goes LoRa
The new, tiny FMLR-61-U-RSS3 modules are equipped with the latest software "LoRa Basics? MAC" and now available at Avnet Silica. Register to become a beta customer and win a free module by Micromico, view demos and download an IAR security white paper.
Renesas Logo
SMART INDUSTRY - the IoT business magazine
Volvo: From RFID to IoT
The road ahead Volvo consolidated multiple tracking methods into a single approach applicable across the manufacturing operation and potentially beyond.
Volvo: From RFID to IoT
Distributed Cloud Computing: Fog Forecast
Centralized, or cloud, computing has solved lots of problems but it has also created a few new ones of its own.
Distributed Cloud Computing: Fog Forecast
Microsoft Azure Sphere - Go for Maximum Security for Your Connected Devices
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Technical Workshop - Embedded Linux Processor ATSAMA5D27 SoM (Microchip)
France, Toulouse
Jun 06, 2019
Matinale Technique Power - Séminaire Power Technologies SiC et GaN (ON Semiconductor)
France, Lyon area
Jun 25, 2019
PLC2 - Xilinx ZYNQ UltraScale+ MPSoC Training
Germany, multiple locations
Jun 05 - Nov 13, 2019
PLC2 - Xilinx SDSoC/SDAccel/HLS Training
Germany, multiple locations
Aug 29 - Dec 05, 2019
Renesas Synergy? Workshops on Tour in Italy
Italy, multiple locations
June 18 - June 20, 2019
NXP LPC55xx hands-on training
May 28 - June 12, 2019
Security Round Table (Avnet Silica & Infineon)
Sep 10 - Sep 12, 2019
STM32WB - Connecting your creativity over BLE (STMicroelectronics)
Jun 04, 2019
Doulos Embedded KnowHow Workshops (Doulos Embedded)
UK, Reading
Jun 18, 2019
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