NXP NTAG I²C plus - Your Entryway to NFC
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Designed to be the perfect enabler for NFC in home-automation and consumer applications, the NTAG I²C plus feature-packed, next-generation connected NFC tag is the fastest, most BoM optimized way to add tap-and-go connectivity to just about any electronic device.

NXP NTAG I²C plus is a family of connected NFC tags that combine a passive NFC interface with a contact I²C interface. The NTAG I²C plus connected tag is the perfect enabler for NFC, no matter if you intend to use it in consumer, IoT, medical or industrial applications

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Product and solution highlights
Certified TPM 2.0 security solution
The OPTIGA™ TPM SLM 9670 serves as robust foundation to protect the integrity and identity of industrial PCs, servers, industrial controllers or edge gateways. OPTIGA™ TPM is a ready-to-use security building block offering an operating lifetime of 20 years.
Trench 9 superjunction in LFPAK56E package
Nexperia’s latest AEC-Q101 Trench 9, 40 V automotive superjunction MOSFETs in the rugged, electrically- and thermally-efficient LFPAK56 deliver improved performance and reliability along with a footprint reduction of up to 81%.

Bluetooth low energy networking
The BlueNRG-M0 is an easy to use Bluetooth® low energy master/slave network processor module, compliant with Bluetooth v4.2. The BlueNRG-M0 module supports multiple roles simultaneously, and can act at the same time as Bluetooth low energy sensor and hub device.
Featured products
Outdoor air quality sensor platform

The ZMOD4510 Gas Sensor Platform detects outdoor air quality in a variety of indoor and outdoor applications. The module is a 12-pin LGA assembly that consists of a gas sense element and a CMOS signal conditioning IC.

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CryptoAuthentication™ secure element
The ATECC608A integrates Elliptic Curve Diffie Hellman security protocol, an ultra-secure method to provide key agreement for encryption / decryption, along with a Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm sign-verify authentication for the IoT market.
Maximum IoT Security

The Avnet Azure Sphere MT3620 Starter Kit supports rapid prototyping of highly secure, end-to-end IoT implementations using Microsoft’s Azure Sphere. The small form-factor carrier board includes a production-ready MT3620 Sphere module with WiFi connectivity, along with multiple expansion interfaces.
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Half bridge gate driver for GaN power switches
The NCP51820 high-speed gate driver is designed to meet the stringent requirements of driving enhancement mode and gate injection transistor GaN HEMT power switches in offline, half-bridge power topologies. It offers important protection functions such as independent under−voltage lockout (UVLO) and IC thermal shutdown.
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SMART INDUSTRY - the IoT Business Magazine
Connected Homes: Almost there!
The smart home industry continues to evolve along the lines of connectivity and interoperability but many challenges remain. As the industry moves from closed to open ecosystems, business models will be freed up and continue to grow rapidly.
Micromobility: Getting E-round
E-bikes are all the rage, but increasingly they are being joined by growing fleets of e-scooters. For urban planners, new forms of on-demand micromobility are increasingly being viewed as a quick way to reduce congestion in the inner cities.
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