London’s Pigeon Population Flocks to IoT

In one of the strangest, most innovative uses of Intelligent Systems we’ve seen so far, DigitasLbi Creative Director Pierre Dequesnoy came up with the idea of using pigeons equipped with sensor-loaded backpacks to analyze pollution in the UK’s capital city.

According to Colm Gory, writing for Silicon Republic, “Duqesnoy said he was inspired to use pigeons having seen how effective pigeons were when used during the two world wars as a means of communication.”

Dubbed the Pigeon Air Patrol, the birds will monitor ozone, volatile compounds and nitrogen dioxide levels on the fly. The public can follow the patrol’s Twitter account @PigeonAir, and even ask for readings in specific areas.

The experiment is definitely a fun way to generate awareness of a serious problem. It could also lead to other creative and affordable ways of harnessing natural resources to collect valuable data through a network of sensors.


Written By: Kristin Owens

Director, Strategic Marketing, Avnet Embedded


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