Ditching cords for coils

It’s a common scenario: you get on the plane, in your car or to the hotel and realize you have the wrong cord. But dwindling battery in the corner of your device’s screen means you need power now.

Wireless charging seeks to simplify this problem—just place your device on a pad and feel the power. Anticipation is building for the day when wireless charging will be commonplace, but the market needs your product can help get it there.

Working with Avnet gets you access to tried and true testing systems to help you better implement wireless charging into your projects. More importantly, you gain access to our expertise as a partner in the Wireless Power Consortium—and who we worked with to help shape the industry-leading Qi wireless charging standard.

Wireless and wired device charger

Wide breadth of wireless power tools

As a leader in the wireless charging space, Avnet has nearly 15 years of expertise in wireless power design and testing. We offer a variety of solutions to help you test, validate and verify Qi-enabled wireless power solutions, including:

Qi Sniffer

A USB device that can be placed near a Qi compliant wireless charging system (TX and RX pair) to capture wireless communication packets and other system operating information. Compatible with WPC v1.0, v1.1, and v1.2 devices.

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Qi Sniffer v 1.2 Upgrade

Upgrades your current Qi Sniffer v1.0 or v1.1, to add WPC v1.2 compatibility.

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Qi FOD Calibration Solution Receiver

The Qi medium power FOD receiver is a 15W receiver that can be used to test the operation and FOD performance of Qi wireless transmitter. DIP switches on top of the FOD receiver are used to program received power offsets and to change internal loads.

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Qi Set of Foreign Objects

The Qi Foreign Objects are WPC defined metal objects that can be placed between Qi wireless transmitters and receivers and used to evaluate the FOD operation and performance. These objects may be used for conducting temperature rise tests required for both transmitter and receivers.

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Qi Foreign Objects Upgrade Kit

The Qi Foreign Objects Upgrade adds an additional foreign object to support all v1.2 tests.

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Qi Receiver Simulator v1.2

The Receiver Simulator provides a variety of test modes for assessing transmitter performance. It is useful for system debugging, product demonstrations, Qi pre-compliance testing, production testing, and as a general purpose Qi receiver.

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Qi FOD Transmitter

The FOD Transmitter is used to characterize and debug Qi v1.1 and v1.2 Basic (5W) Power Profile wireless power receiver functionality and foreign object detection (FOD) performance. The FOD Transmitter accurately measures and reports transmitted power (PPT) values.

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Dedicated experts who understand the technology

Minor changes in the mobile landscape can mean big changes in the design of your wireless charging solution and a roadblock in your path toward Qi certification. With interoperability being crucial to success, each individual component can mean the difference between a successful new product launch and taking a prototype back to the drawing board.

Because we’ve worked with wireless charging applications from automotive to military and lighting, we know the roadblocks these projects can face. We’ll pair that insight with our global purchasing power and deep factory relationships to keep costs in check while you focus on your IP – and continue to grow your business.

Our wireless experts think about the entire lifecycle of your product when making recommendations on products. Working together, we’ll show you how to not only deliver the kind of product performance your customers want, but also the scalable production process your business needs.

To learn more or get access to a complete solution, reach out to your local Avnet expert today, or complete this form and we’ll find the right expert to connect with you.


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