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Warranty services provide insurance of assurance

As much as you’d like everything to be perfect all time, you’ll encounter situations where your customers will need assistance when something isn’t running right. Warranty programs give your customers confidence that you’re with them all the way and provide you with upsell opportunities. Avnet will handle all of the details for you and provide outstanding support so you get high marks for customer satisfaction and strong brand loyalty.

As a part of the overall experience you provide your customers, Avnet’s post-sale service specialists will help you tailor a warranty and repair strategy that fits with the level of service your customers expect while minimizing the risk and exposure to your company. We’ll implement the plan and collaborate with you along the way, making adjustments as you feel best for your overall strategy.

Depot repair

At a basic level, your customers can send a unit under warranty to Avnet for repair. Avnet’s an authorized repair center for the majority of the technologies we represent and build into your integrated system. Having Avnet perform the repair saves considerable cycle time related to shipping to a single point versus having to then re-ship the unit to another facility. Avnet’s ability to diagnose the system is also the fastest way to identify the root cause of the issue.

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Warranty services

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Advance replacement and extended warranties

You can provide your customers with a premium service as standard or at a level above basic. Avnet supports you with advance replacement and extended warranty capabilities. These capabilities can be crafted to a specific service level agreement which you set. From a marketing standpoint, you can use this to differentiate yourself in the market. You’ll find this option especially beneficial for customers using your products for long life, mission critical applications.

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break/fix support

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On-site technical support

For even higher levels of customer service, we’ll create an on-site technical support program that will delight your customers. Our team is professional and thoroughly trained to handle any situation that may arise. We conduct extensive background checks on all of our technicians and can support clearances for any regulated site where your equipment is used. Avnet will handle all of the details to ensure we always meet the service level agreements your customer expects. From installation to diagnose and repair, Avnet’s team in the field will keep your customers up and running.

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Server technicians

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Data Center

Avnet helps software companies with design, development and ongoing support of enterprise-grade hardware in the provisioning of full-stack technology solutions.

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Embedded computing

Working with Avnet lets you focus on what you do best, innovate. Our complementary resources allow you to leverage what we do best so your applications win in the market.


Industrial PC

Avnet offers a wide range of industrial PCs with flexible and customizable configurations to drive the control and management applications you’re creating.

Integrated Solutions - Solutions - Grid

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Routes to market

When you travel the road with Avnet, the route to market will be both profitable and generate a high degree of satisfaction for your customer.