Assembling precision interconnects

When it comes to any component going into a mission critical or mission support system, it’s got to perform. If you’re developing an Aerospace and Defense or Transportation application or system, your interconnect components must meet military specifications to withstand the environment. You’re not going to want to take the time to set up and qualify an assembly certified to produce Qualified Parts List (QPL) interconnects. Fortunately Avnet has this in place for you today. With our ability to build over 60 different QPL connector types, we’re sure to have what you need.

Avnet’s military interconnect assembly centers are fixated on quality. Our centers are ISO certified, QPL qualified and Nadcap® accredited to provide you with the highest level of assurance around our products and processes. Our centers assemble everything from standard part numbers to source control drawing (SCD) to provide you with a single vendor to meet all of your needs.

Military connector assemblies

Military Aero Interconnect - Body1

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Products Capabilities and Benefits
  • Rack and panel connectors
  • Cylindrical connectors
  • High Density Cylindrical connectors
  • D-Subminiature connectors
  • Micro-D pigtails and cable assemblies
  • Backshells
  • Contacts
  • Accessories
  • Achieve economies of scale by aggregating overall demand
  • Invest in tools that optimize process flow
  • Use high-volume specialized equipment:
    • Increase productivity
    • Yield higher product quality
    • Reduced cycle times
  • Offer 24-hour delivery on over 850 of the most popular high reliability and military-aerospace products
  • Attain delivery cycle times of less than three days on normal-sized orders for many other connectors
  • Strong component inventory position allowing Avnet to build over 85,0000 unique part numbers



Moving signals and power quickly and reliably throughout your system will ensure your application performs as intended.

Defense and Aero - Markets - Bottom

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Defense and aerospace

Delivering today’s advanced aerospace and defense systems requires a partner who understands every aspect of your business.

Automotive and Transportation - Markets - Grid

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Automotive and transportation

Avnet puts you in the driver’s seat by providing technical assistance every step of the way, supply-chain services that accelerate you up the on-ramp.



Avnet is involved with every facet of the energy transformation and no matter what you’re designing, our experience and broad offering will ensure your application is fully charged for success.