Getting your power and thermals just right

From startups to industry-leading OEMs, Avnet works with companies of all sizes, using a wide range of technologies that touch every market segment. In our nearly 100 years of work, there’s one thing we have found that every project we work on has in common: the need for power and the need to manage heat within the system.

Our power and thermal management experts have the knowledge to guide you through your design as you find the exact solution to fit your application to work efficiently within its operating environment. When you’re ready to take the design and build it, Avnet’s value-add centers will make sure it’s done right.

Power Supply

Our broad portfolio of power products and technologies enables our team of field-based application engineers and regional power supply specialists to offer the best solution for each customer. No matter if you’re design requires an off the-shelf, modified or a custom solution, Avnet has the inventory, technical expertise and value added capabilities to meet your specific needs.

Standard and custom services

Through our experience in the market, Avnet is able to off our customers both standard and custom services to guide their design. The standard services include basic value eradded services, like adding enclosures, fans/fan trays, power-entry modules, switches and cable assemblies. Custom services include intricate, high-level design, assembly and integration along with power supply modifications like output voltage adjustment and burn-in/load-condition testing.

Let one of our FAEs or power specialists guide you through the modification process, which can include:

  • Custom sheet metal fabrication for cases, covers and mounting
  • Installation of enclosures, power-entry modules, switches, relays and indicators
  • Intricate, high-level design, assembly and integration
  • High-current interconnects (i.e., buss-bars) with various termination options
  • Cable harness assembly
  • Output voltage adjustment
  • Burn-in and load-condition testing plus AC line noise testing
  • Thermal management solutions
  • Connector replacement with injection over-molding
Power supply solutions

Modular Product Capabilities

Avnet is a certified assembler of modular power supplies from Artesyn Embedded Technologies. These products feature some of the highest power densities in the industry and are an excellent non-custom option for multi-output power requirements. Using a configurable modular supply approach, we have the ability to assemble fully tested quick turn prototypes up to production quantities with very short lead times. Avnet stocks the standard components, you choose the custom configuration.

  • 125 to 4,920 W power output levels
  • One to ten outputs with multiple voltage options from 1.8 to 62 V
  • Digital control and monitoring
  • EN60950 ITE and EN60601 Medical Safety Approvals
  • Configuration, testing and shipment within 48 hours
thermal management experts

Thermal Management

To ensure your sensitive semiconductor devices don’t overheat during operation, Avnet offers custom assembly or modification for cooling fans and heat sinks.

Value added services include:

  • Custom cable harness modification - Adding connectors and contacts
  • Custom mounting hardware (PEM nuts, studs, threaded inserts, brackets)
  • Finger guard installation
  • Custom length lead wires
  • Standard and custom fan tray assemblies
  • Custom sheet metal fabrication
  • Heat sink modification
Power supply solutions



Power can make or break any electronic product. Avnet offers technical expertise so that you can develop optimal power solutions.


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