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Making your brand stand out in the market

Part of what sets your solution apart is the way it looks. You’ve got a certain style you want to portray that reflects your identity and the experience you want your customers to have. Avnet will customize your product and the packaging it arrives in to match the exact look you’re going for. We can even create slightly different versions for situations such as entering new markets.

When you work with Avnet, we can do even more than make your brand stand out. We can create a custom shipping package to withstand rough handling or uniquely shaped enclosures. We’ll even perform testing on the packaging to ensure it meets your specifications.

Enterprise Custom Packaging - Body2

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  • Onsite packaging
  • Custom packaging for racks
  • Cost-breaks depending on volumes
  • Custom labeling and branding available
  • Build Instruction (BI) written for custom packaging requirements
  • Weight and drop test verifications available
Enterprise custom packaging



Servers are at the heart of your embedded system whether it’s driving an operational technology appliance or data center infrastructure.

Server, server technology

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Embedded computing

Working with Avnet lets you focus on what you do best, innovate. Our complementary resources allow you to leverage what we do best so your applications win in the market.



The world has certainly changed as we’ve become more connected and expect instant access to everyone at any time.

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Routes to market

When you travel the road with Avnet, the route to market will be both profitable and generate a high degree of satisfaction for your customer.