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Avnet's IoT ecosystem

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Developers face the pressures of time, cost and complexity throughout the product development journey. That’s why Avnet has invested in creating a unique ecosystem that’s with you at every step.


Nearly 3 in 4 Internet of Things initiatives get stuck in proof of concept purgatory—the point where a great idea needs to be operationalized or it could be marooned in between success and failure forever.

There’s real business risk with proof of concept purgatory because the IoT inflection point is now. Even as 60% of IoT initiative leaders have trouble defining business value, scoping opportunity, breaking internal siloes and integrating hardware and software, there will still be 50 billion connected devices and $11 trillion in economic opportunity by 2025.

Here’s where a steady stream of information from the best and brightest engineering minds can help you vet and invent at your best. Avnet’s capabilities allow you to truly undertake the global research and development needed to develop a differentiated IoT solution.

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Build a better business case for your IoT ideas and product roadmaps

From improving effectiveness inside your business, revolutionizing customer experience or creating a completely new revenue generation model, you need a partner who not only can keep up, but can turn outsized costs and complexity into a stable foundation on which your IoT can be built. That means from the board members to the executive team and beyond, you can be the hero of your IoT solution, ensuring your business goes into an IoT initiative with an actionable, ROI-focused project plan.


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Get resources and guidance to get your IoT project quickly off the ground

Often, leaders understand the major IoT market moves, but developers then have to translate that grand vision into a path forward. That means you need to have a framework to sell up to executive teams and across departments. This is important to lock in not only organizational alignment on the KPIs of the solution, but also the kind of consensus needed to ensure OT, IT and LOB stakeholders all agree on the engineering problems that need to be solved.


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Tap into the largest global community of skilled IoT engineers ready to help

Often, developers have a high level of visibility into their areas of emphasis and skills. That means there needs to be a true repository of information needed to make educated decision. Between a discussion-based community that allows engineers to solve each other’s technical and design challenges to a community designed to help anyone learn about hardware, developers have access to a 24/7 IoT R&D hub, which allows them to truly vet and invent the best ideas.