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Avnet's IoT ecosystem

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Developers face the pressures of time, cost and complexity throughout the product development journey. That’s why Avnet has invested in creating a unique ecosystem that’s with you at every step.


It takes a lot of negotiation to have a working IoT prototype. While it’s no small feat, it’s in the next stage of product development, manufacturing, that your product ideas truly turn into reality—whether you’re a large enterprise looking to customize off-the-shelf parts to validate a business case to a startup that is launching a game-changing new solution.

Once you’ve chosen the correct components, this is the step where you need to source them. Once you’ve chosen whether your budget supports manufacturing at home or abroad, this is when you find a suitable factory. Plus, once you’ve created the perfect design, here is where those designs move to the assembly line—and oversight is crucial to not only ensure the project gets done, but that you can navigate the regulatory and security challenges to scale an IoT solution in the face of data privacy regulation and near constant hardware, software and firmware attacks.

Your to-do list is long and detailed in the manufacturing stage. Here’s where a strong end-to-end partner can help, whether it’s for a single manufacturing step like oversight or planning, or a turnkey, end-to-end solution:

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Protect your intellectual property with an expert manufacturing partner

IoT is more than buzzword, it’s a business opportunity—and at the manufacturing phase, you’re under a lot of pressure. Not only do you need to carefully supervise every detail, your business partners are probably closely watching the level of investment on your project. All this worry can be a distraction. An IoT partner that’s truly a technology solutions provider can help you focus on your intellectual property because they can solve these extraneous problems for you—with resources that you just don’t have internally. This ability to focus is critical for growing your core business.


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Connect to the best factories to alleviate your manufacturing concerns

Navigating organizational hoops to get a prototype done is one thing. But once you get to manufacturing, you need a partner who can help you make progress—not just toward the goals of the product at hand but toward your organization’s business objectives overall. You can’t afford to have a boss ask the status on something and have your vendor be out to lunch. That’s why a global, end-to-end partner who ensures you’ve designed for manufacturability and matched with a factory that meets your business needs ensures solution stability for the long-term.


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Tap into nearly a century of experience to help manufacture your product

Startups operate lean to protect the bottom line. That means having the deep pockets and connections to the best manufacturers is often a challenge. What’s more, you have to contend with a larger company’s priority knocking your product off the assembly line—and off its product roadmap by days, weeks or more. A partner with the deep connections to a variety of contract manufacturers can help alleviate this concern, allowing you to focus on product-market fit and new iterations rather than factory floor challenges.