Implement, maintain and optimize for new revenue

Avnet can help you implement and maintain your IoT products while optimizing everything for recurring revenue opportunities.

  • Field installation and maintenance: Enabling technology environments to be set up and operate smoothly by leveraging our certified staff of technical resources for installation and maintenance
  • Technical assistance center: Provides value-added technical assistance center services for customers, eliminating the need to develop these capabilities in-house
  • Advanced exchange: Enabling customers to provide mission-critical parts and on-site support with customizable advanced exchange programs (stopping and replacing a shipment)
  • Depot repair and refurbishment: Leverage our centralized technical expertise and operational excellence for cost effective repair management. Our skilled engineers, a high-value training program and smart planning allow us to quickly add new devices from multiple vendors
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Servicing technology OEM warranty programs


  • Whether deploying a custom white box solution or an off-the-shelf supplier device, Avnet will ensure you have the right warranty coverage to support your solution throughout the world
  • Do you have equipment with expiring service contracts? Let Avnet manage renewals and extensions. We have options for both OEM and after market programs to continue support for your critical devices.
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IoTConnect annual service level agreements

Avnet will provide support, guidance and DevOps support that will address the technical, usability and scalability of your solution after initial deployment. This maintenance contract entitles you to:

  • Support for any customizations and enhancements in the solution delivered to you by Avnet
  • Monthly support report delivered to your primary technical contact
  • Support: the option of support over phone and email

Key features:

  • Bug fixing
  • Troubleshooting
  • New feature development
  • Change request in existing feature
  • Service pack, release and version software upgrades
  • Urgent and Emergency issues will be handled appropriately

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Post sales services

Avnet has you covered with services from the moment the product ships through the end of its service life in the field

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Logistics services

Avnet’s logistics network and team of experts is in place to make sure you’re confident that your parts and your products are where they need to be, when they need to be there

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Supply chain services

Our best-in-class supply chain services help you reach your goals in a profitable manner

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IoT ecosystem

Through our extensive ecosystem of industry leading suppliers, we have the technology, relationships and expertise to bring your idea to life

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