IoT and advanced edge computing

It takes a village of internal and external stakeholders to get an IoT project deployed: developers, OEMs, solution providers, and systems integrators are just a few of the people around the table when building the IoT solutions poised to disrupt industries, transform businesses and advance the Internet of Things.

As solutions continue to migrate more toward the edge due to the proliferation of intelligent, connected devices, businesses need to get to market even faster with even smarter solutions that extract real data and provide real insights.

Avnet and Intel together are working to bring advanced edge computing to businesses ready to dive into IoT. As you process and analyze data faster and more efficiently, we’ll ensure you can extract the right insights, in the right place, at the right time—whether at the edge, in the network or in the cloud.

Digital transformation is inevitable, and the combined ecosystems of Avnet and Intel can help you realize the entire potential of the Internet of Things.

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IoT is the new reality for businesses worldwide

Businesses need to take on everything when it comes to IoT, from the initial product roadmap to lifecycle maintenance. Intel’s portfolio to support these deployments focuses on four main aspects when it comes to the Internet of Things:

Scalable, secure technologies with advanced insight from edge to cloud

Intel’s technologies come with built-in security that gives you confidence. When it comes to workload consolidation of system architectures, acceleration of advanced algorithms or integrating machine learning and computer vision, your hardware will be able to handle the job.

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Extensive ecosystem for IoT at scale

Even with a deep internal bench of IoT experts, it still takes external industry partners, service providers and even sometimes developers to keep up with the interoperability, security and extensibility needs of your solution—and together, Intel and Avnet have a global network to help you scale.

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Business transformation through intelligent edge

Market-ready solutions from Intel accelerate time to market and ROI because you can trust that deploying Intel and Avnet-powered solutions means your projects are prepared for whatever today—and tomorrow—might hold.

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Leadership in the Internet of Things

Both Intel and Avnet work with leading bodies, industry consortia and government policymakers to help realize, maximize and capitalize on the continually expanding impacts of IoT.

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Create a more intelligent world with smart solutions from Intel and Avnet

Whether you are an OEM/ODM hardware developer, a solution provider, a system integrator or a senior business decision maker, the Internet of Things holds enormous opportunity—if you are ready to take on the enormous challenges it presents as well. The blend of robust technology, deep expertise and trusted partners can help you succeed. Access both leading technologies and services from Intel and Avnet to speed time to deployment for your next IoT project.

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