Creating sustainable IoT success

The right technology enables scalable, sustainable success

The Internet of Things is transforming businesses at lightning speed, as new technologies and strategies connect the world in ways never before imagined. Embedded electronics systems, antennas and sensors are only a few of the usual suspects in hardware. Then, software and firmware help connect all the “things” in IoT, deployed from edge to gateway to cloud and back again.

It’s clear that IoT will revolutionize both businesses and consumers, whether it’s detecting production errors faster than ever in factories or enabling autonomous driving that can change the face of travel. However, there are three marks on the technical side that can signal a path to IoT success:

  1. Smart, secure and power-efficient devices
  2. Quality on the component-level and beyond
  3. Seamless interplay along the full IoT value chain

Infineon and Avnet have been bringing together networks at scale long before the term Internet of Things was even coined. That background allows Avnet’s engineering and manufacturing expertise to pair with Infineon’s semiconductors to truly enable the IoT ecosystem.

Person managing warehouse from a tablet

Infineon solutions enable today’s major IoT applications

No matter the vertical, there’s an opportunity for Infineon and Avnet solutions to help:

Smart automobiles

As vehicles get smarter, they require more technology application know-how to ensure driver and passenger safety, data privacy and security and overall better user experience. Infineon offers components that can deliver the pay per use, automated maintenance and infotainment services of the future your customers want.

Smart car console showing it in self driving mode

Smart cities and energy

The migration to cities has pushed municipalities and public administration bodies to navigate the needs of tomorrow’s megacity. Solutions range from professional LED lighting to sensor- and microcontroller-controlled smart infrastructure and transportation systems. These can not only help you make cities smarter, but greener as well.

Smart city and telecommunication network concept

Smart industry and business

Smart factories allow you to leverage industrial automation and robotics across a variety of industries, from mining and payment to logistics and medical equipment. Industry 4.0 will be powered by expert IoT solutions featuring sensors, microcontrollers and more—all of which are offered by Infineon

Person controlling robotic arm with a tablet

Smart home and consumer

Smartphones, tablets and PCs are just the beginning of integration for connected devices for consumers. Infineon electronic components play a key role in connecting these devices to the intelligent applications of tomorrow’s smart home.

Person managing home security from a tablet

Smart information and communication technology

A sturdy house needs a solid foundation. In the Internet of Things, that’s the ICT infrastructure. Infineon semiconductors lead the industry in power usage efficiency and data center infrastructure efficiency. So, as the need for smarter networks and data warehouses grows, Infineon technology can continue to power your customer’s solutions.

Two men standing in a server room

Infineon and Avnet: success in IoT starts here

The Internet of Things isn’t coming; it’s here. With Infineon and Avnet’s deep technical expertise, you can have confidence that your intelligent solutions won’t just be connected, but will also be smart, secure and scalable, with the interoperability and flexibility you need to continue to deliver innovation to your customers.

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